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Naftali Moshe Zvistien Didn't show up to His Bar Mitzvah (Silver Spring, Maryland)
April 23, 2004
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Sign the guestbookPosted by Naftali Moshe Zvistien I didnít go because all that dancing and eating on Friday night made me really tired so I decided to sleep in. (Im Yeartza Hashem) I will lain my parsha next year.

Sign the guestbookPosted by Bubbe Shmankal (4/27/2004)- Naft it's ok that you didnít come to your Bar-Mitzvah it's not that big of a deal I hear about boys who decide not to come to their bar-mitzvahs all the time, in fact yesterday my good friend Friedy Garfunkenplast told me about her sisters grandson who did the same
Sign the guestbookPosted by Mord (12/4/2004)- naftali!! You are awesome the whole yeshiva is talking about it you are so hip. Building up suspense and then not coming everyone was like that was totally cool the older guys are jealous that they didnít think of doing this first. ROCK ON
Sign the guestbookPosted by Zadie Zvistien (12/5/2004)- dear Naftali I cant believe that you are finally bar mitzvah we are all so proud of you. Your leining was beautiful I loved the whole thing, and your haftorah was even better than your leining. I am so happy I just can't wait for your sisters bar mitzvah. Love Zadie.
Sign the guestbookPosted by Rabbi Yusi Goldenshplatt (12/3/2004)- You see havenít I warned you all about these yeshiva buchrim who are turning off the derech. First they donít show up for their own bar mitzvah, who knows whats next.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Bubbe Shmankal (12/4/2004)- WHY YOU HORRIBLE LITTLE MAN HOW DARE YOU TALK TO US ABOUT OUR RELATIVE LIKE THAT IF YOU POST HERE AGAIN I WILL SUE YOU. Just ignore him Naft, we will love you no matter what happens. XXXXXOOOOO
Sign the guestbook Posted by REBEL NATION (12/5/2004)- I donít know who you are but I think it is great that you stood up and rebelled, you should join our rebellion. POWER TO THE REBELLION.

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