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Probably 27 CE
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Sign the guestbook Posted by Judas Iscariot (Pesach 27 C.E) - You may have heard rumors about betrayal and a payment of 30 silver coins. And all I can say is I'm really really sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. It's so horrible But you know an apostle's salary is not all that large... And er when has a wife and kids starving in Samaria, you get pretty desperate... and er what I'm trying to say is we shouldn't be too hard on Peter for selling Jesus out.

Sign the guestbookPosted by Wise Man Number Two (Pesach 27 C.E)- Poor Guy. I remember what I posted when he was born long ago:

Posted by Three Wise Men
(Around 1 C.E)- Congratulations Mary and Joseph/G-D/The Milkman on the birth of the King of the Jews. And Mary, that halo really suits you, and the baby looks positively adorable. Balthazar here was just practicing his astrology, when he saw a new star, and of course we followed it, and well here we are. Expect JewdEx to deliver your package of Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold shortly. Maybe they will mask the smell of the diapers. LOL. Well, can't wait to tell King Herod about it. We can just see the smile on his face when he gets the happy news.
It just makes me so miserable. The good always die young.

Sign the guestbookPosted by Matthew the Tax Collector (Pesach 27 C.E) - Now, Now, don't get so hysterical. You know, Jesus died for our sins. So his death was actually a good thing. And we all know the saying "When life throws you lemons, blame the Jews" Well now we have something to blame on the Jews forever and ever.
Sign the guestbookPosted by Andrew the Apostle
(Pesach 27 C.E) - Don't tell Peter, but I always thought Jesus was a Jerk. He got his just deserts, and he'll never plague me with another boring sermon again. Good Riddance!
Sign the guestbookPosted by Jesus (Easter 27 C.E) - Guess what! I am back, and I even brought an extra long sermon back from heaven with me! Who wants to hear it?

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