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Wife of Baruch V. Neal Became Vegetarian (Bayit Vegan, Israel)
February 1, 2005
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Sign the guestbookPosted by Baruch V. Neal (02/01/2005) - ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!
Sign the guestbookPosted by Vegetarian Resource Group (02/01/2005) - Oh come on Baruch, it’s not that bad.  We vegetarians get to eat all the delicious foods like tofu, beans, celery, lettuce, tofu, dirt, and tofu. Plus we don’t have to eat all those foods that those disgusting carnivores eat, like beef and venison.
Sign the guestbookPosted by Ari Lerdownski (02/02/2005) - I can feel for you Baruch. My mother became a vegetarian and my life has been a living gehenom ever since - no meat every not even on Shabbat.  But a little hint: If you buy some meat and grill it at 2:30 in the morning, then clean your mouth out with mouth wash, your wife will never be the wiser.
Sign the guestbookPosted by Mrs. Neal (02/02/2005) - I heard that, so I am throwing out our grill, all your beer and the wide screen plasma TV.
Sign the guestbookPosted by Baruch V. Neal (02/03/2005) - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

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