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Divorce of Cookie Monster and Cookies (Sesame Street)
October 21, 2005
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Veggie Monster

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Sign the guestbook Posted by Rabbi Ovadia Yankel (10/21/2005) - As chief Rabbi of Sesame street, I say we end Cookie Monster's and Cookie's relationship! It's a disgrace! It puts the wrong image in our kinderlach's minds!
Sign the guestbook Posted by Chavie Kaplan (10/21/2005) - I totaly agree with you, o great Rabbi! I don't even think those Cookies that Cookie Monster is with are Cholov Yisroel! What will my kids' pricipals' think if they know I'm letting my children watch non-cholov yisroel cookies on TV!
Sign the guestbook Posted by Rochel Finkelstein (10/22/2005) - My little Goldy didn't have enough room for my delicious chulent because she ate too many cookies at Kiddush! It was obviously because she saw cookie monster on TV! She only watched Seseme Street once! That was before I found out about the Count's connection with the Yetzer Hara!
Sign the guestbook Posted by Rabbi Chaim Cohen (10/23/2005) - Why do you guys even have TVs?
Sign the guestbook Posted by Soroh Greensplat (10/23/2005) - WOW!!!!!!! Do you Know what?!!! I heard that Cookie Monster has given Cookies a Get!!!! He's now dating Veggies!!!! He has a new favorite song now!!!!!!!!
Sign the guestbook Posted by Veggie Monster (10/24/2005) - C is for carrots, that's good enough for me! C is for celery that's good enough for me! C is for cucumbers that's good enough for me. Oh Carrots Celery Cucumbers start with C!
Sign the guestbook Posted by Rabbi Ovadia Yankel (10/25/2005) - Oy! This is even worse! What if the Veggies have bugs in them? I say we get rid of everything on Sesame Street because, no matter what, everything is bad!

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