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Engagement of Yossi Schmoestien (Brooklyn, NY) and Rivky Goldgrubber (West Hempstead, NY)
July 15, 2005
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Sign the guestbook Posted by Penina Rechok (7/15/2005) - rivky, OMG, we are so happy UR engaged, but the rock... we all thought u were getting a gibraltar but u only got an alcatraz... RU sure he is the rite 1 4 U?- hugs, your buddies from Seminary!!!
Sign the guestbook Posted by Bubbie G. (7/15/2005) - My little rivkaleh is engaged! your ring is very nice sweetie. dont listen to your friends. love, bubbie.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Yossi Schmoestien (7/15/2005) - Rivks, give me a break! I'm trying to make ends meet here! Your ring cost more than an apartment in Teaneck!

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