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Divorce of Mordichai Bialostocks's Mind and his Body (Sydney Australia)
June 3, 1985
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His Mind & Body

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Sign the guestbook Divorce Ruling (6/03/1985)- Mr. Bialostocks's Body and mind are hereby divorced. I award custody of his forename to his body.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Yochanan Cohen
(5/03/2003)- Oh...? And, What's that?
Sign the guestbook Posted by Mr. Bialostock (mind)(5/03/2003)- Mordichai. My name is Mordichai Bialostock. Says it all really, doesn't it.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Moshe Steinberg
(5/03/2003)- Oi Oi, I'm so sorry. Oi Vei. Oi, there's nothing sadder than a divorce. And this one just leaves me at a loss for words. But maybe, it will work out for the best. I mean you were kind of a jerk together. I wish you luck in finding a new body.

Oh, don't forget to give yourself a get.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Mr. Bialostock (mind)
(5/03/2003)- I think we were probably not very well-suited. We never seemed to be happy doing the same things. It said I only inhibit it. I pointed out that in fact I was meant to inhabit it, and it said that was exactly the sort of smart alec remark that got right up a body's left nostril, and so we left it.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Shimon Rotterman (mind)
(5/03/2003)- Good for you! Who need a body? All that hassle, aggravation, inability to walk through walls... Who needs it?
I left my body several years ago, and I never looked back. The best decision I ever made. Here's to the Mind Liberation Movement.

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