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Marriage of Sir Dovid and Lady Chava (Camelot, England)
April 3, 2005
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Sign the guestbookPosted by Sir Moshe of Camelot (4/03/2005) - Congratulations Sir Dovid at winning the hande of the fayre ladye Chava. I knoweth you two will be happye togethereth. May ye buildeth a bayeth nemaan biYisroeleth.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Sir Avraham of Camelot (4/03/2005) - Sir Dovid, you dogeth, the fair hand of the Lady Chava dost not belongest to thee. Chava, I wouldst have givest thou 23 sheepe and a bullock if only thou wouldst find favor in me. It’s not  too late to changest thy mind. Sir Dovid, I have thownest down the gauntlet. Girdeth your armor and prepareth for honorable combateth.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Chaim Feldman (4/04/2005) - Mazal Tov Dovid It’s about time. Chava, Mazal Tov on your engagement to Dovid!! We are so happy for you!! May you have much happiness together!! Just be careful. Sometimes Dovid talks a little bit strange. There was this one time when he was babbling on for 2 no 3 hours and no one could understand what he was saying. I mean no body - he kept going on with eth this and thateth. It didn’t make a word of sense. But he’s still a great guy. May you build a bayis nemaan biYisroel. 
Sign the guestbook Posted by Lady Chava (4/04/2005) - Chaim, art thou from yonder foreign land. Dost thou not knowest the King’s Englisheth. For I canst not understandeth a wordeth thou utters out of thy moutheth.

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