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Wedding of Chavie Horowitz (New York, New York) and Gron from (Ferenginar, Beta Qudrant, Milky Way)
Stardate: 44291.5
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The Chuppah & Dad Sees Gron

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Sign the guestbookPosted By Chaya
(6/23/2366)- CHAVIE HOROWITZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooommmggg!!! katie called me last night and told me the incredible news!!!!! i think i almost fell off my chair!! i was absoultely shocked!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! mazel tov!!!!!!! may you both build a bayis neeman biyisrael and all the best!!! love you!!! mazel tov again!!!!! - Chaya
Sign the guestbook Posted by Spock
(6/25/2366)- Live long, and prosper.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Rav Gavriel Grossman(6/24/2366)- Chaya, you have the whole University of Stern in complete uproar!!!! You had such potential!!  This guy obviously doesn't learn in a kollel all day! How could you marry such an  Am-Ha'aretz?!  He even has a job!! I mean his people actually believe business is important!! Completely the wrong type!! What a waste for a nice girl like you!! I'm ashamed!!!!!!
Sign the guestbook Posted by Quark
(6/27/2366)- Gron, first of all, I expect a kilo of platinum for the following congratulatory remarks:

You dunce! How could you marry a Human wife?! Do you think she'll be subservient?! Will she adopt the proper female dress?! Does a human know how to cook grasshoppers to the proper degree of perfection according to the ancient traditions?!!

Oh, and you owe me $256.31 for that smuggling run.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Rav Finkle Steinman
(6/27/2366) Although the Ferengi don't learn in kollel, baruch hashem that they are at least corrupt businessmen.  And Gron must know how to properly treat women. 

Also, we now have a mekor for which grasshoppers are kosher.  I wish you much Mazal

Sign the guestbook Posted by Sarek
(6/28/2366)- Live long and prosper.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Warf Rosenberg
(6/28/2366)- Mazel Tov Chavie SoH Qay' wIj yab ghorgh jIH leghta' lIj pong Daq onlytzaras loD SoH ghIj jIH ta' ghobe' Har 'oH 'ach jIH 'oH Har vaD SoH yuDHa' tul SoH mazal 'ej bracha Daq lIj plq yIn tay' 'ej Gron SoH ghaj QaQ be'nal teblu'ta' vo' quv 'ej HoS

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