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Graduation of Shloimy Blumenkrantstein (Fairlawn, NJ)
June 22, 2004
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Public High School

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Sign the guestbookPosted by Friedy Blumenkrantstein (6/23/2004) - Oh the tzaras! My son just graduated from public school, I just can’t believe it; he sat with all those guyim for four years and now he had to do the worst thing, he went and got a diploma from public school.  Oy Vey!!!!
Sign the guestbookPosted by Roy James McCalister XXVI
(6/24/2004) - And Hwhat is wrong with graduating from our excellent public school system?  He obviously has gotten a much better education than all those children who went to your yeshiva program.
Sign the guestbookPosted by Rabbi Meir Frankel (6/24/2004) - Infidel!!! McCalister must be put in cheirem for this horrible blasphemy, in fact Yeshivas give much better educations;  In, fact just the other, day my son’s English teacher told me: and I quote "I will learn you well English."  This is only one instance where Yeshiva education is superior to public schools.
Sign the guestbookPosted by Leib Linsky (6/27/2004) - My congratulations.  I myself graduated from public school.  I wish you the very best in college and in your future career and life.
Sign the guestbookPosted by Sarah Gold (6/27/2004) - OMG!!! OMG!!! MAZEL TOV!!!!! I graduated from public school too! We should start a "I graduated from public school" club. We could call it GPS!!!!!!!!

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