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Graduation of Yetta Rosengartenfeld (Denver, CO)
June 22, 2005
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Sign the guestbookPosted by Shprinzel Rosengartenfeld (6/23/2005) - My daughter Yetta didn’t make it to the Who’s Who Among American High School Students!!  I am so upset!!! 
Sign the guestbookPosted by Chaya R. (6/24/2005) - OMG, I am so sorry for you Yetta!!! What are you going to write in your yearbook now???  You must be devastated!!!
Sign the guestbookPosted by Mrs. Schumbacher (6/24/2005) - You must be so sad.  I know I would have been heartbroken if any of my 6 wonderful children hadn’t made the list.  They also all made student of the month at one time or another too, you should know.
Sign the guestbookPosted by Shosh Greenstein (6/27/2005) - What do you mean Yetta didn’t make Who’s Among of American High school Students??  They send that form letter out to like everyone in High School!!!
Sign the guestbookPosted by Scott Scammer, President, Who’s Who Among American High school Students (6/27/2005) - Miles, you idiot! You missed one! You’re fired!!!!
Sign the guestbookPosted by Miles Smith (6/28/2005) - Gee, I’m really sorry boss, she wasn’t on any of the mailing lists we bought!  She must have moved or something!!!  I’ll take care of it.
Sign the guestbookPosted by Miles Smith (6/29/2005) -
Dear Miss Yetta Rosengartenfeld,

You are hereby invited to join the illustrious, exclusive, and widely recognized group of High School Students who are selected to be eligible for this year’s list of Who’s Who Among American High School Students.  All those who join will have their names published in a lovely coffee table book which can be displayed with pride in your home and is available for purchase for only $75 a copy.  Think how proud your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, all your cousins, and friends and neighbors will be when you buy each of them their very own copy of the book for only $75 a copy. Honoring student achievement and the support of higher education has always been our driving force.
Sign the guestbookPosted by Yetta Rosengartenfeld (6/30/2005)-OMG!!!! OMG!!! I don’t believe it!! I got in!!!!!  I got in!!!!!

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