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I inherited $1M from Mobutu Kuku Ngbendu (Nigeria, Africa)
February 16, 2006
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Sign the guestbookPosted by John Okobongo (2/16/2006) - Hello, I am last living relative of the Zaire President Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu wa za Banga I have in my possession $54,000,000 but in order to get money into US, I need to get $25,000 bribe to Customs Inspector. If you give me your money, I will split me money and give you half. Do not refuse generous offer. Also give me bank account numbers and social security card. Could prove useful. 
Sign the guestbookPosted by Chava Lowenstein (2/16/2006)- That sounds like a good deal. And we could certainly use the money. Plus I could donate some to the shul and help the community. I’ll wire the money to Mr. Okobongo right away. 
Sign the guestbookPosted by John Unabomber (2/16/2006)- I would like to wire you the money. I could certainly use the cash for my non-profit Deaf Radio Station. But, I must first discern whether you are a trustworthy guy. In my country men balance flounder on their heads to prove the value of their honor. I know it sounds like a ridiculous ritual, but if you could just send me a photo of yourself balancing a flounder, it would ease my conscience, and of course lead to a bigger payoff. No fish, no deal. 
Sign the guestbookPosted by John Okobongo (2/17/2006)- Well Mr. Unabomber, as uncle Mobutu used to say, anything for the customer. I would gladly send you this picture with the flounder if it makes you send money faster. And, Ms. Lowenstein will be happy to know I now have 144 million so there enough for each of you. I await your wire.
Sign the guestbookPosted by John Unabomber (2/17/2006)- Unfortunately Western Union now charges 50 bucks to wire money to Nigeria, and I don’t have $50 to spare. If you wire me 50, I’ll wire you the 25,000, and then you can wire me the 144 million (I’m not sharing it with Chava). 
Sign the guestbookPosted by John Okobongo (2/17/2006)- Hey what gives. I wire you 50 and you vanish. You try to Nigeria Scam me it not funny. May all your crops die and your cows choke. I’m contacting the authorities.

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