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Bar Mitzvah of Madonna (England)
October 16, 2004
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Madonna in Tallis and Teffillin

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Sign the guestbookPosted by Britney Spears (10/18/2004)- Dear Madonna, You did great! I like can't believe that you are Bar- Mitzvahed! I am so like totally proud of you! May you become a great Talmud Chachum and give your family alot of Nachas! Love always and forever, keep in touch Brittany.

Sign the guestbookPosted by David Beckham (10/18/2004)- It was a beautiful Bar Mitzvah, and your Laining was like a Ray of Light! I had a great time, I especially loved your Devar Torah on what we have been learning in the Kabbalah. May you be a source of Nachas to the entire family Love, David
Sign the guestbookPosted by Rabbi Yusi Goldenshplatt (10/18/2004)-Oy yio yio, a shicksa having a Bar Mitzvah! The next thing you know they’ll be giving their pets Bar Mitzvahs.  It’s a real Shanda!
Sign the guestbookPosted by Chris Cringle Hey don’t make cracks about the animal Bar Mitzvahs. In fact, I intend to make give my Reindeer bar mitzvahs in the near future. Also I hope that they will join me in learning Kabbalah with Madonna. Mazel Tov Madonna, I see on my list that you have been nice this year so expect some big presents. Ho Ho Ho, Chris 
Sign the guestbookPosted by Madonna Fan Club (9/8/2004)- Dear Madonna, we are so happy for you :-). We love you and all you music, you are our idol do you think you could come to Booneown North Dakota and give us a private concert. We pray for you every day, love The MFC
Sign the guestbook Posted by Rabbi Yossi Goldenshplatt (4/29/2004)- Oy vay, now people are indulging in praying to a false god. What is this world coming to! I really must protest to this idol worship by putting everyone in The Madonna Fan Club into Cheyrim. If we are not careful the next thing you know we will be having good yeshiva buchrim believing in Santa Clause, Chas Vishalom.

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