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Messages from our visitors

Below are a few of the things you have recently told us. We love hearing from you, Feedback & Abuse forms or by e-mail, so feel free to drop us a note!

(Letters have not been modified except for the removal of profanity and in certain cases complete restructuring and editing)

  • I'm going to make a site for posting rabbinical ordinations and call it, then I'll make another on shmiras halashon and call it
    - Anonymous
  • awesome site man, i'm gonna have my funeral posted here when i die.

  • I cannot get over this.  You have made a wonderful Purim site, and
    will undoubtedly entertain all the children and womenfolk of the
    villiage.  There shall be great rejoicing, almost as much as we have over our annual hunt of the sacred boar.
    - Oogma of the Hairy People

  • Note: All obscenities in the following abuse report we recieved have been replaced with "Fluffy"

    OBJECT_TYPE: Tzara
    OFFENSE_TYPE: Spelling
    OFFENSE_TYPE_OTHER:What is this fluffy a sick fluffy demented joke get a fluffy life you fluffies
    ADDITIONAL_COMMENTS: mother fluffies
    CONTACT_NAME: fluffy

    It was submitted by alert reader

  • Wow! This is a truly amazing website! I wish I had a fraction of the
    sense of humor that you guys do. Please, let me set up a shrine in
    your honor, to which pilgrims from the world over will come and - I
    don't know - make pudding or something. Oh, and give me your wallet.
    - Squad Commander J.J Watson
  • Babble Fish Translation of Watson's Comment: Wow! Is a placement genuinely jtonnant Web! Me I wish this a parliamentary team of importance of disposal I had that you made cheerful. Content, I put in your place late heiligdom in honneur that will pass the pilgrims of world and - with weet this - does not do the pudding or something. Oh, and I gives your portfolio.
    - Squid Commandeer J.J Watson

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