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OnlyTzaras Brings Tzara to the Web

<Censored>, <Censored> announced today the posting of its 40th tzara.

Hated the wedding yesterday? Didnít bother to come to the funeral? Have general problems with life? Donít worry, you can see the entire album on

As the first online photo network where the public can post digital pictures of recent Tzaras (Hebrew for Tragedy), OnlyTzaras has seen tremendous growth since its launch, less than three hours ago, on March 20. The site is the brainchild of <censored> and <censored>, known to the public as L & C and their company L&C Enterprises. Their inspiration was to fake digital pictures from enemies' tragedies and upload them to the internet, thus making them available immediately for people to mock those they didn't like was an instant hit. Requests for L & Cís deaths came from all over the world.

And so along with <censored> friends, OnlyTzaras was created. Since their launch today, they have seen exponetial growth with billions of page view daily. What began as a handful of tzaras has multiplied to over 40 various tzaras, from ruined weddings to funerals, thank to online software stolen by L that allows anyone with digital images and connections to L&C enterprises to upload those images onto the site.

Believe it or not, the programmers and business developers for OnlyTzaras all claim to be under 25 years old. In the age of technology, these youngsters are proving that the Internet can provoke wholesome, wide scale outrage, if utilized properly. The site's repulsive design and user-unfriendliness are on par with the webís most popular e-commerce, content-driven, and search engine sites. L & his partner C both students in various universities, or so they claim, have developed one website under the aegis of L&C Enterprises, the website development company they created in 2004.

L & C currently living in various places, are often seen staying up as late as 2:00 AM, laughing at others misfortunes, Counting the billions of page views and reading the dismal site reviews, they donít mind the late hours. "The sites statistics tell us that we are spreading agony and misery to parents, grandparent, and relatives throughout the world," L says.

Lís brother Q is one of the business directors for OnlyTzaras, and his high-tech gadgets and amazing intellect really help when things get dicey. When asked how he finds time for this venture, Q says ďI skip class, which make a lot of professors very happy.Ē

Future plans for this group include a blog, wiki, and message board, because every site needs them. Strategic alliances have already been signed with Iran and Syria. Currently registered users can also take advantage of the service directory, full of entries for everything from professional blackmailers to plastic surgeons.

The developers predict that every new tzara adds their names to over 400 different secret enemies lists. To date many of these death threats come from people all over the world, including some who have never even seen the site. L sometimes jokes itís a good thing this site wasnít up during the cold war, as the world would probably have been destroyed.

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