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Secret Identities of OnlyTzaras Developers Revealed!

by Alfred (the OnlyTzaras Staff Butler)

Recently, there has been a lot of pressure on the staff to reveal our secret identities.  We have received e-mails, court summons, and marriage proposals (they need names to post engagements on OnlySimchas).  People just can't seem to get on with their lives and consistently insist that we reveal to the world who we are.  Who hides behind the glowing blue screen that is  Who, six months ago, thought of a plan so brilliant, and yet so tasteless, that it became a worldwide phenomenon in only a week?  As the Staff Butler, I have been commissioned to reveal the true identities of the OnlyTzaras staff.

Without further ado:

CEO- Superman
COO- Batman
CFO- Incredible Hulk
President- Spider Man
Vice President- Captain America
Co-Vice President- Cat Women
Demolition Expert- Wonder Women
Alfred the Butler- All four members of the Fantastic Four
With Help From- Bicycle Repair Man

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