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OnlyTzaras: Social Commentary and Riotous Amusement

"a dangerous procrastination time-sink"

Studying for my GPATS exam coming up this Wednesday was becoming incredibly tortuous. I wasn’t sure if my eyes were going to fall out on the fourth time going over the tiny print of the Milhamoth Hashem, but I certainly didn’t feel like chancing it. And then, an instant message containing a link to OnlyTzaras popped up on my iBook screen.

Like almost all MO females of my age and social position, I spend a fair amount of time reading and posting on OnlySimchas. I’ve seen otherwise erudite and composed young women (including myself) lower to the superlative-laden depths of multiple exclamation points and question marks and fervent wishes that your seminary roommate/camp counselor/person you met on the subway/ex-fiancee be “zoche to build the best BNB ever!!!!!!!!”

It's the kind of satire that makes you think, "Why didn't I think of that?" My own streak of social commentary and desire to skewer the OS madness and to somehow turn the phenomenon to advantageous humor was balked by my less-than-objective status regarding the usefulness and desirability of OS. Thankfully, someone did it for me.

I could detail the rapier wit and sarcastic incisiveness of the mock posts, (not to mention the ads!!!! Best…. Social commentary…. Ever…) but its more fun to go make you, the reader, check it out yourself. One caveat: don’t blame me if you can’t get your work done, it is a dangerous procrastination time-sink. A very, very funny one.



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