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Lost & found: One thingy, identify& it's yours...

Hobo garb for the New You. Smelly and ripped...

Services Wanted
divorce lawyers & medical malpractice...

Jobs Lost
Rat catcher...

Termite and bedbug ridden bed frame with matching...

Buy Cheap Albatrosses online...



Marriage of Sir Dovid and Lady Chava

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Save the Date - Century II
Beasts ferocious from hunger will swim across rivers

Divorce - 21-Nov-05
Torah and Madda

Aliyah - 30-Oct-04
Accidental Aliyah of Hyram and Norma Blum

Death - ca. 27 CE


Esther Blumenkranz & Moderchai Goldenfeld Posted on OnlySimchas but Not Engaged
Graduation - 22-Jun-04
Shloimy Blumenkrantstein from Public School

Other Tzaras - 25-Jan-05
Palestinians Horrified At New Hamas Government

Devastating - Nissan-BCE: 1280
Egypt Suffers Ten Calamaties

Devastating - 1-Mar-06 was funnier last year

Death - 3-May-BCE: 3145
Thag Shimmons


I listed a moldy Cheese Danish on Ebay and am getting death threats
Bar Mitzvah - 21-Oct-05
Food in Dorm Fridge

Graduation - 16-Jun-05
Graduation of Cylinder

Death- Purim-2005
Yitzi Schwartz

Other Tzaras- 22-Feb-06
Canadians Take the Gold in the Olympic Floor Mopping Competition

Death- 23-Jan-05
Radio Star

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